Faculty and Staff Express Support for College


Annual fund support helps GGC raise other funds

Georgia Gwinnett’s nearly 1,000 faculty and staff understand the importance of supporting the college through the GGC Foundation’s annual fund, having recently contributed about $37,000 to the cause. No matter its size, every gift is multiplied many times over due to the incredible impact of higher education on students and the community.

“It is good to know that in the School of Business, 90 percent of the faculty and staff give back to GGC,” said Dr. Tyler Yu, professor of economics and associate dean of the School of Business. “This makes me proud of working in an environment where my colleagues care about the institution.”

Donors can specify what their gifts will support, but those supporting the GGC Fund make an even broader impact.

“The GGC Fund provides resources needed to help us raise other funds for the college,” said Lori Buckheister, associate vice president of Development. “State funds cannot be used for that purpose. It takes private funds to print informative materials or even pay for lunch when hosting a potential funder on a campus visit. By supporting the GGC Fund, even by a little, one can help us raise much bigger dollars for the college.”

Faculty, staff and alumni support has another indirect but critical effect on fundraising.

“Funders often look at the percentage of participation of employees and alumni as an indication of how well a college’s own community supports its mission and vision,” Buckheister said. “This percentage is often a deciding factor in whether or not an outside funder contributes to the college.”

Laura Ledford, executive director for Enrollment Management, said she supports scholarships because as a college scholarship recipient herself, she feels she is giving back. However, she recognizes why participation itself is important.

“Faculty and staff support helps with receiving grants, which in turn feeds back into the institution to support students with the development of scholarships and special programs,” said Ledford. “In addition, employee giving provides a positive reflection on the institution to the community.”

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Your gift makes a difference

Your gift to the GGC Fund, no matter its size, makes a big difference for the college and its students.

While you may designate your gift to support scholarships, emergency grants or programs, you may also designate that it be unrestricted. Unrestricted funds give the college the most flexibility in meeting challenges and seizing opportunities whenever they arise.

Private, unrestricted gifts also support the cost of GGC’s efforts to raise larger gifts from foundations, private donors and funding agencies. Because of this, the full impact of your gift can be multiplied many times. If your employer matches charitable donations, you can double your gift’s impact.

Your gift also makes a critical statement to corporations, foundations and college-ranking organizations that you believe in GGC’s mission and vision. Private support is often considered by such organizations in making their own gifts or in ranking the college and its programs.

Complete information about supporting the college is found at www.ggc.edu/give.

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